Divine Turbulence

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This is a hardcover book signed by Gary Lee Price. All profits on sale of this book will go to the Statue of Responsibility.


In Divine Turbulence, little six-year-old Gary loses his mother and stepfather to murder-suicide on a US Army base in Germany. Shipped back to the States, he’s launched from the frying pan into a fiery den of torture, abuse and enslavement.

Can Gary, a victim of unthinkable evil, become better instead of bitter? The answer places the rising artist and sculptor on a miraculous quest – to fulfill holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl’s dream – a symbol of responsibility at a time when the world seems to need it most.

Gary Lee Price’s memoir proves that even in the midst of tragedy and terror, choice upon choices shapes our destinies. A greater call resides inside each of us. The only question. . . will we answer?

Written with New York Times & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Bridget Cook-Burch, this unforgettable story reveals how remarkably the past shapes the present but does not have to dictate the future of any life. . . or that of the planet.

“The fundamental requirement of memoir is to tell the truth—unvarnished! Gary not only reveals the evolution of psyche and soul, he shares the struggle that exposes evil for what it is, and engages us ultimately in the transcendent possibility inside each one of us. A remarkable and worthwhile read.”  ~Steve Cohen, National Broadcast News Executive


24 reviews for Divine Turbulence

  1. admin

    “Thank God for Gary’s Divine Turbulence, which brings us face-to-face with our own. Gary’s book uplifts, as his hand symbolically reaches down and grasps our hand from the depths of our own fears, in succor and love. Divine Turbulence is a literary symbol of his life’s mission to uplift people’s Spirits through the love etched into his timeless sculptures, one-by-one!”
    – JL Arvizu, Management & Organization Behavior Consultant

  2. admin

    “Turning your pain into your purpose is an amazing feat. Being able to inspire others to do the same is transcendent. Gary’s mission is “Lifting the Human Spirit Through Sculpture,” and he is now doing the same with his book, Divine Turbulence. If you want to turn a tragedy into a triumph, then you will love reading this book.”
    – Woody Woodward, Author, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Trainer

  3. admin

    “Divine Turbulence is a deeply cleaved testimony of the grace and evolution of the human spirit–a journey as innovative and precise in its artistic splendor and intimacy as his stunning art pieces. This memoir carries its reader through the crucifixion of innocence to the soul’s ascension; from extraordinary childhood violence, trauma, and abuse, to the medicine of divine human compassion, hope, forgiveness and the call to social justice.”
    – Piper Dellums, Director, Filmmaker, Writer and Victims Advocate

  4. admin

    “What perfect timing for this book! It will inspire, uplift and give hope for humanity in dark times. It illustrates the liberating power of responsibility and choice even when confronted with the worst that life has to offer. Gary’s personal story of beating impossible odds–to eventually lead a movement on par in significance with the Statue of Liberty–will move you to play bigger in life.”
    – Brett Harward, Author, The 5 Laws That Determine All of Life’s Outcomes, Speaker, Trainer

  5. admin

    “More than an autobiography. Master Sculptor Gary Lee Price maps—or more accurately “sculpts”—a path to meaning in Divine Turbulence that can inspire and guide readers to answer life’s call no matter what their personal circumstances. He not only provides ample testimony to the defiance and resilience of the human spirit, but also demonstrates in no uncertain terms that, as the world-renowned psychiatrist Viktor Frankl famously espoused, ‘When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.’ I highly recommend that you follow Gary on his extraordinary journey by reading this book!”
    – Alex Pattakos, Ph.D., coauthor, Prisoners of Our Thoughts: Viktor Frankl’s Principles for Discovering Meaning in Life and Work (3rd edition); cofounder, Global Meaning Institute

  6. admin

    “The fundamental requirement of a memoir is to tell the truth—unvarnished! Gary not only reveals the evolution of psyche and soul, he shares the struggle that exposes evil for what it is, and engages us ultimately in the transcendent possibility inside each one of us. A remarkable and worthwhile read.”
    – Steve Cohen, National Broadcast News Executive

  7. admin

    “Divine Turbulence is a testimonial of the triumph of the human spirit. As a longtime follower of Viktor Frankl, I could feel his message radiate throughout Gary’s story about a man who finds love, faith, art, and meaning despite his suffering. What follows is Price’s beautiful and inspirational journey, catapulted by his choice to harness his creative energy to lift up communities and launch a movement.”
    – Kate Cohen, co-CEO and co-Founder of Straight Up Films and Straight Up Impact

  8. admin

    “When faced with adversity, we all have the choice to be defined by it or–as Gary has so powerfully done–create a better future, forged by our past experiences rather than crushed by them. An inspiring story that ignites courage and perseverance, offering a message of hope to every reader.”
    – Larry Solomon, EVP HR, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Author, Artist, Speaker

  9. admin

    “Despite horrific events in his early life, Gary Lee grew up to create magnificent and inspiring works of art. His beautifully told story will leave you speechless, teary-eyed, and in awe of how his spirit could not be broken. I highly recommend this well-written memoir, which is worthy of the big screen.”
    – Dr. Connie Mariano, Rear Admiral, Former White House Doctor, Author, Radio Showhost, Concierge Physician

  10. admin

    “I was spellbound by this book and at times, could not put it down, nor forget its impact on my heart, nor get it out of my mind for hours. This is not a story you read very often, as its messages and inspiration transform you with every page you turn . . . and live.”
    – Jack Berkman, CEO and President of Berkman Strategic Communications

  11. admin

    “I became completely mesmerized by Gary’s honest and revealing story that brought him to the final realization that any price paid is worth a gift to the world. This book bridges the chasm between the East Coast and the West Coast, bringing life to the dream of a man destined to breathe character into the very thinking of mankind. Viktor Frankl had the dream, Gary Lee Price had the answer. Their two visions are brought together by an earnest desire to achieve a moment of clarity for people of all ages, faiths, races and nationalities.”
    – Gerald R. Molen, Film Producer, Academy Award Winner/Best Picture for Schindler’s List

  12. admin

    “This is a story that must be told. It will bring tears of joy and hope to all that read this book. Gary is a world-class sculptor and artist who has made this journey for the good of us all. Divine Turbulence represents the passion and purpose we need in this world.”
    – Dr. Nancy O’Reilly, Psy D., Founder and CEO of Women Connect4Good

  13. admin

    “The captivating account of an extraordinary life full of darkness, light and love. Gary’s book is a reminder that no matter the circumstances, we can always choose how we respond. As Viktor Frankl said, ‘Every deed is its own monument.’”
    – Alexander Vesely, MA, grandson of Viktor Frankl, Producer, Award-winning Documentary Director, Head of the Viktor Frankl Media Archives in Vienna, Co-founder of the Viktor Frankl Institute of America

  14. admin

    “Gary lays himself out vulnerably, in a life that transforms pain into promise, and heartache into heartfelt inspiration. You will find his life and career so extraordinarily meaningful, it will touch your life in ways beyond your imagination–as one who comes out victorious and as an advocate for all the bounty life holds.”
    – Jay Abraham, Founder & CEO of The Abraham Group, Inc, Marketing & Revenue Strategist, Business Innovator

  15. admin

    “From the moment I was inspired to work on Viktor Frankl’s dream of a West Coast Statue of Responsibility, I knew from Leesa there was a deep story of Gary’s journey through hell to the salvation of art. When I picked up this book I wasn’t prepared for the artistry I found in Gary’s writing, as well! Through reading such travails as Viktor and Gary experienced in their lives, our own personal searches for meaning are propelled into the realm of action—and in my case—a commitment to see the Statue of Responsibility become a reality.“
    – Ted Field, American Media Mogul, Entrepreneur, Film Producer

  16. admin

    “The breadth and intensity of the trauma Gary Price endured, coupled with his resilience and joy, has lifted me up. The author is an artist with a unique global vision and goal, and that adds so much more to his glorious rise. Divine Turbulence is a creative and visionary gift, and I recommend it with all of my heart.”
    – Sarah Cecilie Finkelstein Waters, Author of Soul Custody, Human and Animal Rights Advocate

  17. admin

    “Gary Price takes us on an exploratory life journey. As a renowned sculptor, he creates tangible emotions that immerse the reader into his intricate world to experience a chiseling–one not so different from that of both Viktor Frankl and Gary himself. We learn that all success and happiness begins with a choice. To become the sculptor of your own mind, first, give heed to this master craftsman.”
    – Randy Garn, New York Times Best Selling Author, Partner at High Performance Institute, and Passionate Entrepreneur

  18. admin

    “This book is a masterpiece that gives new perspective, inspiration, and the absolute knowledge that anything is possible when we allow God’s will to meet our own. This book is sure to help you rise above adversity, and shoot for the stars just like the passion Gary put into this book for WE the people. At no greater time in modern day history has humanity needed a book more!”
    – Ryan Phillips, Professional Hockey Player, Author & Speaker

  19. admin

    “This book should be read, undoubtedly, by those interested in the Statue of Responsibility and its movement. But also by those who just want to understand that one’s circumstances when young—no matter how difficult—can be overcome, and that a great life can emerge out of suffering.”
    – D. Clark Turner, CEO & Founder of Turner Innovations

  20. admin

    “Divine Turbulence is a profoundly moving story that demonstrates the power of faith, perseverance, resilience, and – above all – love. With touching humility and huge vulnerability, Gary Lee Price shares his journey from trauma to triumph, with all the ups and downs along the way that shape who we are. The emotional depth is stunning, bringing me to tears a number of times. In this time of world turbulence, Gary’s message shows us how we can ride the waves and be lifted higher than we ever imagined. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.”
    – Karen Ann Bullock, Founder/CEO of Transcendence, National Bestselling Author & Coach

  21. admin

    “Our nation is struggling with trauma. Some might blame PTSD for not living a vibrant life, yet if anyone could blame their past for not living, it might be Gary. Instead, he learned to mold the pain, sending it to a better place, transforming the energy. As he does with his clients’ stories and resulting sculptures, this book is his complete story, nuanced into something detailed and lasting–a most powerful overcoming! I have already highly recommended this book to my best friends and business associates; its powerful ripple will be felt worldwide.”
    – Lindsey Coleman, Author, Inventor and Real Estate Broker

  22. admin

    “Gripping and provocative, Divine Turbulence: Navigating the Amorphous Winds of Life is a page turner from first to last. Gary Lee Price shares his story of violence, pain and heartbreak, and triumphs by creating a life filled with beauty, love and inspiration, a true work of art.”
    – Maureen Ryan Blake

  23. John Ferguson Author, Creator, and Speaker (verified owner)

    Gary has taken the elements of life, and shows us how to create love through turbulent beginnings. As Viktor Frankl once said “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” Gary has chosen his own way, to be that hand reaching down to us all and Divine Turbulence is a testament to this fact. As seen is his art, Gary’s sculpture creations bring life to his mission “lifting the human spirit through sculpture” the Book is a must READ for all!

  24. admin

    Divine Turbulence is a vivid reminder that hope, inner confidence and perseverance are indispensable tools we all can call on to help shape our own destiny, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds. This inspiring and riveting recount is a true tale of triumph over unimaginable personal and environmental obstacles and serves as a source of inspiration to all who may feel entrapped by their current reality.
    Gary Lee Price, along with his co-author M. Bridget Cook-Burch, artfully walk us through a true recount of struggle culminating in Gary’s emergence as a victor and at the pinnacle of his profession and personal development. This inspiring recount of ultimate triumph over tragedy stands as a reminder that anyone can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve their dreams if they simply want it badly enough and are careful to never relinquish the indispensable tools of hope, inner confidence and perseverance.
    Everyone, especially those who may feel hopeless and trapped by their current reality should take a page from “Divine Turbulence”.
    – Keith Douglas

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